How to know wifi's password | How to find wifi password

How to know wifi's password | How to find wifi's password

Hello friends, today we are telling you how to know WiFi password |how to find WiFi password. If you has been forgot the WiFi password then you can know by how to know WiFi's password? sometime, we go to our friend's home and want to use his wifi connection, but he had forgot his

wifi's password. So by this post you can know wifi's password. we will tell you some steps in which you can read how to know wifi password| how to find WiFi password,

 1 Open the WiFi icon:-

 First of all we will open the wifi icon which are shown on the toolbar into laptop or computer, When we will click on the wifi icon then open a window.

2 Right click on the connected:-

After the click on the wifi icon then open a window. In the second step we will right click on the connected, which are stable in front of the TP-LINK. After that open a window.

3 Click on properties:- 

After the right click on connected, in our front open a window in which. We will click on properties. When we will click on properties then open a window.  

4 Click on security tab:-

 After the click on properties in our front open two Tab from which we will click on security tab.By default open security tab. After the click on security tab open a window.

5 click on show characters:-

In the security tab we will click on the show characters. after the click on show character wifi password will be show in characters and we can read the password. If you want to show password in character then click on Ok if you want to show password in coded form then click on cancel.

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! We have Learnt! How to know wifi password|How to find wifi password.  if you have any question regarding this or you may ask us if you have any other thing you wish to ask, you can ask us in the box given below...

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