How to use whatsapp on pc or computer

How to use whatsapp on pc or computer

Whatsapp ?:- whatsapp is biggest social media app and social media platform which is speccily created for mobile users and it is near by used in mobile... whatsapp is free for first year and after that it's charges we have to pay and after that we can use it. In the world of Android users a huge number of people uses computer and wan't to use whatsapp through pc/computer and a lot of peoples also have also asked to us that how i can use whatsapp on pc or how to use whatsapp on computer of pc so today we have also decided to let you know that how we can use whatsapp on pc/computer...
How to use whatsapp on pc or computer
So keep following steps which are given below and after today you will be able to enjoy whatsapp on computer...

Valid whatsapp user (First step) :-

First of all you should a active user of whatsapp on android whatsapp's app and any other computer user should not login to your whatsapp account..

Visit to Web version (Second step) :-

If you are a registered user of whatsapp. Open browser in your computer and in url bar enter and press enter button after few seconds or minutes(It's depends on your speed of internet connection) you will see a QR code and whats app web version tab.
As described in the picture above...

Open QR scanning option in android whatsapp's app (Third step) :-


When you open after that open whatsapp' app in your mobile and click on Whatsapp on web When you click on Whatsapp on web you will be asked for scan QR code and you have to scan that code by using your mobile, your pc and mobile should be interned accessed when you scan the QR code you will see a processing and after that processing withing few seconds you will be redirect to your home page In this you will see your whatsapp account is log-ed in and you can use your whats app account after that....

YEEEEeeeeeeehoooooooooooooo! we have done!
After today we don't have to do much more to use whatsapp on pc. Today we have learnt that how we can use whatsapp on pc/computer now if you are getting any problem in doing any thing you may ask us in the box given below or if you have any other problem then whatsapp you also can ask us so be with us At How To Ans and Don't worry about how to do...
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