How to keep safe your mobile?

How to keep safe your mobile?

As we know that, now mobile is very important in everyone's live and if we forgot or lost our mobile we always feel that we are alive but soul is near about died. As it's important to us that it should be always with us.

Today, we are not talking about importance of mobile in our life. We are discussing about safety of mobile and how we can keep safe our mobile? So now, Forget everything about importance of a mobile

Keep far from water:-

As we all know that electronic devices and water both are anti and enemy of each-other so keep it in mind that if you wan't to be safe with your mobile or wanna safe your mobile then keep it very far from water.

Don't feed your mobile:-

Now near about all mobiles comes with torch because it's very useful for us but when we do any work we on our torch and put our mobile in our mouth and it's very harmful for it so don't do that and keep safe your mobile.

Keep far from children:-

As we know that children are very cute and very soft with it they very innocent. If we keep mobile in their hands or near by them they can throw it, accidentally drop down from their hands rather then ultra magnetic rays of mobile are also very harmful. So keep your mobile and child safe and far.

Never make it catching ball:-

Many times it has been noticed that many person throw their mobile in the sky and catch it again, in this condition many time it happened that mobile catches by the floor, Yes i mean to say is that catcher miss the catch and most of time our lovely mobile loss the match...ahahahahha.
So don't try to become good catcher with your mobile and keep safe your mobile.

Don't keep it in pocket with very tight Jeans:-

Many time our mobiles become out of order because of jeans tightness. Because if our jeans is very tight and we keep our mobile in it's pocket than it is very harmful so keep your mobile safely in this condition also.

Attach and un-attach carefully:-

When you attach usb cable or charger please do this carefully because if you push it without setting properly it's jaqe may be damaged and might your handset. keep it in mind when you un-attach nay charger or usb cable also.

Using cover for your mobile:-

Never forget to use Cover to your mobile because it makes our mobile dust free which is very important for increasing live of any mobile even electronic devices.

Never overcharge:-

When you put your mobile on charging keep in mind that when it charged fully unplug it because if you keep your mobile in charging it may be very harmful for us. Keep it in mind and increase safety of our mobile.

Use according to capacity:-

As every one know that if we have more then our capacity what will happened with us?
So if our mobiles battery is low and it shut down in this condition we on it and use it, when it again shut down we again on it, It is out of it's capacity so us according to it's capacity.

Never use withing charging:-

When your mobile in charging don't us it because it is also against the safety uses of mobile.

Re-set Time to Time:-

If you get any type of error in your mobile, in this condition backup your mobile and try to re-set it is very good for a mobiles health.

Don't keep under bed-sheets:-

This is also very important to keep in mind that never keep your mobile under the pillow or bed sheet because anyone can sit on it.

Always use original accessories:-

If you love your mobile and keep it always with you and fine, So don't forget that if you have to change battery , charger or any other thing always replace it with original and branded.

Shut down before ejecting:-

When you wan't to remove or eject anything of your mobile like sim card, memory card (SD Card) and battery in this condition before removing or ejecting any thing set of your mobile and then do what you wan't to do.

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooo! We have Learnt!
Which was very important for our mobile and it's safety so keep in mind these points and if you have any question regarding this or you wan't to ask any other thing you may ask us in the box given below...

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