How to get approved for google adsense account

How to get approved for google adsense account? | get google adsense account approved easily? | how to get adsense approval fast? | how to get accepted for adsense?

How to get approved for google adsense account

Above questions are about Google Adsense which is very asked question by online business holder and web or bloggers they wish to earn money online through Google adsense but as we read it and earning both are very different in the world for earning money you fully have to dip in the see of thinking and creating their are two types of adsense earning you can make and one is Google hosted and second is third-party earnings.

How to earn by Google hosted accounts?:-

 Google hosted earnings are earned by blogspot/ blogger blogs and youtube videos these are very easy to earn....

you may learn from these that how to earn money by youtube?
How to earn money by blogger blog?
Lets let other thing in the middle and just state foreword to approval of google adsense...

How to get approved for google adsense?:-

For this you don't have to do much more if you wishing to get approved google adsense on your blog/website you have to complete these condition and then you may apply for google adsense...

Condition's for google adsense:-

  • If you are seeing to approved google adsense for your website or blog you have to make sure that you completing the following conditions...
  • You have to minimum 50 unique article and maximum100 unique aricles.
  • You have to 100 to 150 Unique articles if you are from India , Chine or Pakisatan
  • Your blog/website should be minimum 6 to 12 month old.
  • Age of owner should be maximum then 18 years old.
  • Your blog or website doesn't contain any adult content or links.
  • Your have to create few pages of About us, Contact us, and Disclaimer the most for your web/blog..
  • Most important that your website should be in Valid adsense language like English etc.
  • You won't use any copy paste article on your web/blog.

After these conditions you may apply for ad-sense no body stop you from getting approved....

How to get approved for youtube?
you may read full article about this on our same website which is known as how to ans-Don't worry about how to do?

  • few points which you have to keep in mind for getting approved from youtube are given below...
  • Your channel should be minimum 10 to 15 unique videos,
  • Your age should be more then 18 year's old.
  • your videos should be in good manner and a good language.
  • Videos shouldn't on adult topics.

So on.... Lablablab
may you will get approved for adsense don't worry we'll too help you you may ask us in the box given below...
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